It’s Not About Me- But it WAS About Me

*Please note- this blog post was written during my time at Brain Fit Academy Inc. I have since continued this amazing work under my own company- Brain FUNdamentals LLC. I hope you enjoy!

“How are you feeling- about going into client’s homes?” Pam asked me as we walked up to a client’s front door. “Good!” I replied. “If you asked me that question six months ago, I’m not sure I would have had the same answer, but I’m good!”. 

Pam Formosa is the owner/director of Brain Fit Academy, and I had recently started as a Brain Fit Coach.  This conversation took place outside one of my first few client’s homes when she was coming to overlap with me for a session as part of my training.

That short little discussion really got me thinking though.  I meant what I said- that six months ago my answer probably would have been different.  Like so many others that come through Brain Fit Academy- kids and adults alike, I had some anxiety and nervousness with certain situations.  For me, going into new environments, with new people, was not something I was a fan of. I wasn’t a fan because I knew that I wouldn’t be comfortable…

-I knew that it was hard for me to start a conversation with people that I didn’t know.

-I knew that meeting new people and going into an unfamiliar situation made me uneasy.

-I knew that I generally shied away from many forms of social interaction.

But that day, as I was walking up to that house, I felt confident.  Yes, I was a little nervous, but no more than anyone would be when starting something new. I was confident, and happy and proud of where I was at that moment.

So- why the difference from six months before?

It’s because I had worked on me

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I came to Brain Fit because of my son, but the (unexpected) side-effect that happened is that I also changed.  When I started attending the adult classes, not only did we learn how to do the work with kids, but we also applied the movements to ourselves. I went to the classes and worked through so many of my own challenges!

  • I worked on integrating (finishing) many of my own primitive reflexes- learning about myself in the process.
  • I became more aware of the way I dealt with my family and learned better how to “respond” instead of “react”. 
  • I started to feel:
    • More comfortable in my own body
    • More confident in my talents and abilities
    • And just generally- more happy!!

So crazy how this world works.  How it leads us to all the places we need to go- even when we didn’t even know we needed it.

For me- Brain Fit Academy was that place.

Many people tell me I’ve changed.  But really, I’ve just found myself.  

And the funny thing is? I didn’t even realize that I was lost…

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