What About the Ones?

*Please note- this blog post was written during my time at Brain Fit Academy Inc. I have since continued this amazing work under my own company- Brain FUNdamentals LLC. I hope you enjoy!

I was on Facebook this morning and someone shared this beautiful video of children singing.

And… it got me thinking.

There are so many amazing kids out there. Really, really amazing kids.  And perhaps the ones that we see in these types of videos, and maybe the kids that come straight to mind when we think of that sort of thing- are the ones that are settled.  Maybe they are the ones that are centered and grounded enough with themselves. Maybe they are the ones free of fear and anxiety and feel good enough about themselves that they can perform- knowing that it could perhaps be seen by hundreds or even thousands of people?

But what about this?

What about the ones that struggle to reach their potential? What about the ones that hold back doing the things they love because of fear? What about the ones that don’t have friends because they feel awkward or lack confidence?

What about the beautiful singer whose music we’ll never know because they were too afraid to stand up and sing? Or the amazing speaker that we won’t hear because they were told they’d never be able to write a speech, and therefore speak it?!?

What about them?

Now some may say that it’s up to the child.  It’s their choice not to participate- their choice not to help themselves, or to push through the fear and “do it anyway”.  And perhaps, that may be the case in some instances.  But what if it’s not? 

What if a child doesn’t even know there is a “choice”?  What if a child doesn’t know any different because it’s the way they’ve lived their whole life and they don’t even recognize that there could be something different?

What if…we could show them the way?

Show them the way to their greatness.

Show them the way to their possibilities.

Show them the way out of fear and anxiousness and insecurity.

Show them that there can be another way to live life- to live in a different, and more settled way.

I believe that we can. I believe (and know) that we can help kids gain control of their emotions.  I believe that we can help kids gain confidence and self-acceptance and control over their own bodies.  I believe that we can meet kids where they are in life and move them forward to a place of more joy.

These are the kids that I also want to see doing the things they love.  I want to help them reach their potential.  I want to help them to love who they are and to feel confident enough to stand up and say what they feel (if they so choose).  I want them to know and understand that they can have tools and strategies that can help them throughout their life. I want them to become the best versions of themselves that they can be.

Those kids are amazing too. I want to help them shine.

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