Tune Up

*Please note- this blog post was written during my time at Brain Fit Academy Inc. I have since continued this amazing work under my own company- Brain FUNdamentals LLC. I hope you enjoy!

Need a tune up?- and no, I’m not talking about the car type of tune up. I’m talking about a Brain Fit tune up.

If you read my blog post titled The (Last) Day, you will know that at Brain Fit Academy, we don’t want to see clients forever. As a Brain Fit coach, that includes me- I don’t want to see clients forever. I want there to be a “last day” when my client is ready to fly on their own.

However, we always have “tune-ups”. And they can be a great thing.

You know when you go to a “traditional” OT or PT? Isn’t it commonplace that you work with the person for awhile, until you resolve whatever issues you were having in the first place. Then you leave, right? Have you ever had someone like that say- “Hey, you’re welcome to come back any time for a tune-up!”. 

Um…maybe you have, but I have not. In my experience (and I’ve had my share of them because of my son or because of my own personal injuries) when you finish, you finish. “Congratulations, you’re done and can move on with life!” sort of thing.

Not at Brain Fit Academy. Our clients (and parents!) are always welcome to come for a “tune up” session even if one of the coaches doesn’t see them regularly anymore. 

Why is that? Why are we different from other people in the field? Well, for one, we understand that the sort of work we do can be useful for anyone- from kids all the way through adults. We also understand that everyone has times in their lives that are more stressful, or trying and that people need support. Even, if it’s just for one session to “tune up” and get back on track.

When I (or the other coaches) finish with a client, when the time comes for their last day- we let the parents know that they are always welcome to come for a tune up session. All they have to do is get in touch. Yup- that’s it- just get in touch! 

What if the client finished with Brain Fit a few months ago- are we available for tune ups? Yes, yes we are.

What about if the client finished with Brain Fit a year ago? Yes, then too.

We don’t go away just because the client “finished” with regular sessions. We understand (and know!) that things come up. We understand that kids have goals in their life that they need help working through. We understand that parents can still struggle, even when they were feeling good when we “finished” with their child.

Tune up sessions are a way to get back on track.

Tune up sessions are a way to reconnect with the Brain Fit Community.

Tune up sessions are a way to be reminded of the tools/strategies taught during the 1:1 sessions.

Tune up sessions are a way to get help moving forward in life.

Tune ups don’t mean you have to start up regular weekly sessions again. They also aren’t an indicator of failure on anyone’s part. 

Tune ups are just that- tune ups. Just like your car- and yes, now I am talking about your car! Tune up your car- tune up your brain and body. They both should happen regularly- just to keep things flowing/moving smoothly.

So, if you’re a former Brain Fit client (or your child is) don’t forget about tune ups. We’re ready for you any time. And if you’re not a Brain Fit client yet? Well, just know that tune ups will be available for you at some point too.

We don’t forget about our clients when they leave Brain Fit. 

We don’t say “Good Bye”. We say “See you later- when you need a tune up.”

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