Back to School

*Please note- this blog post was written during my time at Brain Fit Academy Inc. I have since continued this amazing work under my own company- Brain FUNdamentals LLC. I hope you enjoy!

Typically, we’re talking about “Back to School” in August or September, and not March/April. But- there again, what (if anything) has been typical about the last year? 

I’m located in Massachusetts- so if you’re reading this and you live outside of the state, let me just fill you in. To make a long story short- in Massachusetts, schools will be bringing kids back to school- full-time, in-person school, beginning April 5th.

Now, for some kids in the state, that will be the first time they’ve even been in a school building since last March. There are many schools that have been utilizing full remote learning since the beginning of the pandemic.

I’m not going to get into the in’s and out’s of how/why schools are going back. That’s not my focus, nor do we really have much say in what is happening. It is what it is and parents choose either in (full-time in-person) or out (full remote). 

I know there’s a lot of mixed feelings about this change. Some kids and families may be looking forward to it, while others- well, let’s just say that some are not really looking forward to it so much.

For me- I’m looking forward to it. As are my two kids. They are 15 and 17, and my youngest (as you many already know) has special needs and requires extra support. Remote learning days have not been easy on him- or on us as a family. And my 17 year old? Well he does best with face-to-face interaction and misses the social aspect of school. He likes his two “hybrid” in-person days now, but is looking forward to going back to full time. 

As I’ve talked to families and teachers over the last year, I know there are some kids that actually thrived in a remote setting. Being able to be in the comfort of their own home, perhaps having more autonomy of when they complete their work- free from social distractions. For those kids? Going back to school might be tough. Going back to (perhaps) a place that made them anxious- maybe due to the work and pace involved- or perhaps because of the social interaction needed in a school setting. For those kids- going back to in-person, full-time school might be a bit of a shock to their system.

But then- there’s the other kids. The ones that are not thriving doing school at home. The ones that have had the hardest time with the isolation piece of remote learning. The ones that need the social interaction. The ones that need extra support and just aren’t getting it- or enough of it. The ones that have a hard time connecting with others through a screen. And of course, the ones that just need to MOVE!! 

I hear stories from families and teachers, as well as my own kids- about the kids that were once “straight A” students- now failing. The “honors” class students that aren’t turning in their work or preparing for their (virtual) presentation. The kids that are bouncing off the walls because they just can’t sit in front of a screen to learn (for hours upon hours). The kindergartners who have had their first year of school put online. Those are the kids that I would think are ready to get back into school. To get back to “normal”. 

I think going “back to school” will be an adjustment for everyone- in some way, shape or form. If you (or your kiddo) is one that ends up struggling with this transition- Brain Fit Academy is here and can help. 

If you are a previous client- remember that you can always contact us for a “tune up” or two (or three). And if your child hasn’t been through the program but think we might be able to help with your situation, your child- or YOU– just get in touch. There’s always someone on the other end of the phone or computer and we’ll let you know how we can help with this big transition of-




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