Being Me- Amy B.

*Please note- this blog post was written during my time at Brain Fit Academy Inc. I have since continued this amazing work under my own company- Brain FUNdamentals LLC. I hope you enjoy!

Some of you may have wondered (somewhere along the way) why I named my blog “Being Me- Amy B.”. You see, when I started this blog in May of last year, there were two Amys working at Brain Fit- hence the “Amy B.”. 

But the “Being Me” part? Well, that came from the fact that at that point I was feeling more and more like I was just “being me”. I was doing “my thing” at Brain Fit. I had been working with kids and families for over a year and was just “being me” with them. I had spent as much time as I could learning and attending the adult classes we offer- over and over so that I had a really good handle on how to do this work. And, in doing so- I also worked on myself– which freed me up even more to “be me”. 

As I’ve mentioned before, I became passionate about what we do at Brain Fit- and it happened very quickly and unexpectedly. All that I learned just seemed to “click” right away and I could “do my thing”. In addition, I was seeing really great results with kids- which, of course, fueled the passion all the more.

So yes, that’s where the name for my blog came from. 

But today, I want to talk about why I was able to “be me”- the new me. I say “new” because before Brain Fit Academy came into my life, the “old” me was overshadowed by fear. 

Fear can be mean. Fear plays tricks and makes us pull back when the “me” in us wants to move forward. Fear can make us think that we’re in danger when really we’re not. Fear- can overshadow and trick and disengage us. If we were in actual danger- would we want that? Yes, of course. But we don’t want that fear to be with us all the time. We don’t want it to become our way of life, and we don’t want it to stop us from “being us”. 

When we work with our clients at Brain Fit, we help them to find “them”. We help them to dissipate the fear so that it doesn’t overshadow. We help them to find their voice and we remind the brain and body that it is “safe“.

Fear is a response in the brain and body. It’s the innate Fight/Flight/Freeze Response that is built into us to keep us safe. But, if that response is constantly getting triggered- how can we be “ourselves”? How can we be calm, and rationalize and respond to a situation?  We can’t. We literally can’t because at that point our brain is working at the level of the brain stem- the “Baby Brain” as we call it, and we’re in survival mode. 

I was talking to the mom of one of my clients yesterday. She works in a school and we were discussing how the kids are returning to full time school- many starting next week. She was telling me how there are some kids that are definitely not looking forward to everyone coming back into the school. Why would they? Those are probably the same kids that are triggered by sensory input. Easily triggered into the “MORO” Response. 

The MORO is the primitive reflex that is activated by sensory input and unexpected changes. It’s the “fight/flight” part of the “fight/flight/freeze”. The sounds (think of a full cafeteria!) the visual stimulation that emulates from more children in the classroom, the bright lights that are on all. day. long., the demands of social interaction. Think of all that sensory input. Sensory input that has been lessened since the start of this school year with fewer kids in the building. Sensory input that those kids will now, all-of-a-sudden, be bombarded with. Again.

If you’re not familiar with the reflexes- you may be wondering why they are important in understanding why kids (and adults!) might be more likely to be triggered into that fight/flight/freeze response. Please- read my post titled “Roots“. I think it will help you understand. But basically- when the lower part of the brain isn’t as “organized” as it should be, it’s puts us at more risk of going into that fight/flight or freeze response- quicker, more easily and longer. Triggered perhaps, not by an actual true and present danger, but by every day occurrences and situations. 

Fight/flight. Freeze. Fear. When those three things take over- “being me” gets pushed aside. Survival mode kicks in and the true person can be hidden- overshadowed.

I know we all want what’s best for our children (and ourselves). We want to be able to “be us”. We want to see the true light shine through each of us. We want to push fear aside so that we can be confident and happy and have an easier life. Brain Fit Academy helps with that. 

“Being me” is what I am now- and it’s what you (or your child) can be too. 

You’ll see.

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