A New Beginning

*Please note- this blog post was written during my time at Brain Fit Academy Inc. I have since continued this amazing work under my own company- Brain FUNdamentals LLC. I hope you enjoy!

Yesterday, the governor of our state (Massachusetts) announced that all remaining COVID 19 restrictions will be lifted in about 10 days. As you know, I don’t write about politics-or viruses, but I do write about lives.

And so today, this announcement has me thinking about the similarities to what happens with many clients that come through the program at Brain Fit Academy. 

I’m talking about a new “beginning”.

When I think about the COVID restrictions being lifted, it’s like a new beginning for many. So many stores, restaurants, and other businesses get a chance at a new “beginning”- to start fresh and continue on. Yes, it may just mean that they are getting back to what they had before- pre-pandemic. But in a way, it’s a new beginning too. A new beginning to the new “normal” and what that looks like. With 100% capacity. 100% of their customers or clients.

At Brain Fit, I like to think that many of our clients also get “new beginnings”. Our clients come to us (or their parents bring them to us) because they are struggling. Struggling with something- in some way, shape or form. Just like during the pandemic- the businesses struggled with capacity limits, cleaning protocols, and all of the things that make up a new-to-humans-virus-in-the-air atmosphere. And too- our clients have struggled with issues such as attention, focus, anxiety, Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, and so on. 

Our clients struggled and they came to Brain Fit for a “new beginning”. They came to Brain Fit looking for help and guidance. They came to Brain Fit looking for people that can help them integrate primitive reflexes. They came to Brain Fit looking for tools to help them- or their child- or the whole family! They came to Brain Fit looking for ways to guide them through life. To make life easier.

Isn’t that what we all want? Really? For life to be easier? 

Don’t we want that for the businesses and shops during the pandemic? 

Don’t we want that for ourselves and for our children?

I know that when I came to Brain Fit for my own son, I was looking for a “new beginning” of sorts. I was looking for help and guidance and to make my son’s life easier. What I found- was a whole lot more (but that’s another story– lol).

Regardless, I was looking for a new beginning where my son could go to school and not have so many meltdowns when things were difficult. 

I was looking for a new beginning where my son could focus and attend better.

I was looking for a new beginning where my son could sit in a chair more comfortably and hold his pencil easier.

I was looking for a new beginning where my son could be empowered with tools that he could use on his own- when he needed them.

I was looking for a new beginning to ease the worry and anxiety that I felt. 

And you know what? I found all of that- here- at Brain Fit Academy.

I found it.

Does that mean that our life is all hunky dory and we never have struggles? Of course not. Just like businesses and shops- there will still be some difficulties even when the COVID restrictions are lifted. That’s just life. Life has its ups and downs and we roll with them.

But overall, is life easier? YES.

Do I feel like we got a “new beginning”? YES.

Brain Fit Academy is a place to go for new beginnings. It’s a place to go for making life easier. It’s a place where you will feel supported and taken care of. 

And it’s a place that has people that care. People that “get it” and won’t leave you struggling so much.

It’s a place- to begin again.

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