Story Time

It’s story time!

Once upon a time, there was a teacher named Amy. Amy was a good teacher. She loved working with her second grade classes and she loved helping each of the children grow and succeed in her class.

One day, she heard about a program called Brain Gym®. Teachers across her school and district were talking about it. They said it was a program that had helped them learn simple movements they taught to their classes. The other teachers said that the movements helped their students focus better. They said that their students didn’t ask as many questions about directions and were overall calmer than before they starting using Brain Gym.

Amy was very intrigued by the stories the teachers were telling her. She found out when the next Brain Gym training was happening in the school district and didn’t hesitate to sign up. 

During the training, Amy was excited. She was learning movements- such simple movements with fun names like “The Elephant” and “Earth Buttons” and “Lazy 8s”. She learned concepts that she couldn’t wait to share with her co-workers. And she left the training feeling inspired to incorporate Brain Gym into her classroom.

Immediately following the Brain Gym training, Amy started using Brain Gym in her classroom. She worked the simple movements into her daily routines, and taught the children how to recognize when they could use the movements to help themselves. She created a Brain Gym “corner” where the students could go to do some of the movements on their own when they needed a break, or a chance to refocus. She even incorporated music into some of the Brain Gym time- which the children loved!

Amy was happy. Her students were happy. Student focus and attention had improved and the children enjoyed learning and doing the movements.  Amy had less periods of frustration from repeating directions or explaining things over and over. Brain Gym was helping in all the ways her colleagues had said, and more!

And then- over time, Amy stopped using Brain Gym in her classroom. Curriculum demands increased and Brain Gym fell to the wayside.  Amy forgot about how much she adored Brain Gym. She forgot about how much calmer and focused her class was when she used the movements on a daily basis. She forgot just how much it helped

Fast forward a number of years. 

Amy was re-introduced to Brain Gym. She fell in love with the program all over again and began working it into her classes. This time, it was a little harder because she was a specialist teacher and saw many students over the week. Nevertheless, she started using it again. And, she started using Brain Gym again for herself!! She was reminded of all the benefits she saw the first time- increased focus and attention, less asking of questions after directions were given, calmer behavior.

Amy was happy again. She was so happy that she decided to pursue Brain Gym certification for herself- so that she could share this amazing program with others!

Now, Amy teaches Brain Gym to teachers and parents, and other professionals. She tells her story to them, and she instructs them in the simple (yet powerful) movements with the fun names. She wants everyone to benefit from the program and she wants teachers to leave the class with strategies they can use the next day- just like she did. 

Teachers, are you looking for a simple way to help you and your students in your classroom? Look no further than Brain Gym. 

I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

*Brain Gym is a registered trademark of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation, dba Breakthroughs International, Santa Barbara, CA,

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