The notion of “wearing a mask” has taken on a whole new meeting since COVID-19, hasn’t it? I’d like to take us back to the previous meaning. The one where “wearing a mask” meant that we weren’t true to ourselves- weren’t “authentic”. I’ve been thinking a lot about authenticity lately. I’ve been thinking about what it means to be authentically you. I’ve been thinking about … Continue reading Authenticity

ExerSaucers, Bumbo Seats and Johnny Jumpers- Oh My!

Did you know that there is such as thing as “Container Baby Syndrome”? Simply put, it’s when babies spend too much time in “containers” which can cause a variety of movement, behavior, and other difficulties as a result. And no- I’m not talking about Tupperware type containers- that would be kinda weird- lol. I’m talking about the various devices that parents may “shuffle” their baby … Continue reading ExerSaucers, Bumbo Seats and Johnny Jumpers- Oh My!

You Can’t Reason With Fear

You can’t reason with fear. Fear doesn’t care that it appears mean when it throw objects at people. Fear doesn’t know that calling names is disrespectful. Fear doesn’t understand when you tell it that it’s not okay to destroy other people’s belongings. Fear is FEAR! Fear is a primitive, primal reaction in the brain that is present in order to keep us safe and alive. … Continue reading You Can’t Reason With Fear