Our Methods

The Brain FUNdamentals program is comprised of varying modalities. This allows us to individualize the program for each client as well as keep the program varied and engaging. Read here about some of the methods we employ.


The Brain Gym® program offers children the tools to succeed in life to find inner-peace, self-calming and contentment, whether that be in the classroom, at school, or socially. The Brain Gym® system utilizes 26 designed movements and related techniques that are specifically designed to be easy, fun, and understandable for kids of any age!

What started as a method to help remedial learners become stronger readers is now a program that has helped thousands of people in over 80 countries around the world discover their peak mental and inner strength.

Brain Gym is an integral part of the program at Brain FUNdamentals. We use the movements and other aspects of the program on a regular basis. Brain Gym adds a powerful aspect to the Brain FUNdamentals program and we are grateful to have it!


Primitive Reflexes are early movement patterns that are present in utero through the first few years of life. To survive and adapt to their new environment after birth, babies are equipped with these automatic bodily responses.

Primitive Reflexes should “integrate”, or become dormant in the body, after a certain period of time. At times however, these movement patterns can become interrupted or stuck. This causes the nervous system to be left in a holding pattern and continued reliance on primitive, automatic motor responses rather than allowing more voluntary, advanced movements to take over.

Primitive Reflex Integration refers to the “finishing” of the reflex. Picking up the movement patterns wherever they became stuck or interrupted and moving them along to completion. This in turn, allows the nervous system to finish the maturation process and positive changes are seen!


Babies engage in unprompted, rhythmic movements. These rhythmic movements play a key role in integrating Primitive Reflexes, as well as “connecting” the different parts of the brain to aide in the maturation process. The rhythmic movements develop on a particular timeline while still allowing for individual variances. They provide the necessary sensory stimulation for proper brain development.

Rhythmic Movement Training mimics the natural, rhythmic movements seen in babies and assists in the brain maturation and “connecting” processes. The movements are gentle and often very soothing to an already over-worked nervous system.


Muscle checking, also referred to as “Applied Kinesiology”, offers insight into the brain & body system. It is a form of biofeedback that is very helpful for connecting with the subconscious mind and discovering important information.

By using muscles in the body (we most often use the deltoid muscle) we are able to gauge the muscle’s state of balance or stress in relation to a particular stimuli.

Muscle checking, along with drawing out a client’s innate intelligence about their own needs, affords us an easy way to determine next steps and lead the brain and body on a path back to homeostasis.


The system referred to as Emotion Code was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson in the early 1990’s. Dr. Nelson’s program is a simple, yet profound way to release negative emotional energy from the body.

Emotions are made up of energy, and so are our bodies. Emotions are generated by what we are experiencing in the moment as well as information stored in our bodies and minds from past experiences. We know from quantum physics that energies affect other energies. Therefore, we could make the conclusion that our bodies are affected by our emotions- simply because they are both different types of energies!

Emotion Code seeks to locate and release emotional energies that may be affecting our bodies. It is easy, quick, and often requested by both kids and adults!


Similar to Emotion Code, Tapping- officially known as Emotional Freedom Technique, is based on the theory that disruptions in energy cause negative reactions in the brain and body.

Acupuncturists, using Chinese medicine as the basis for treatment, use needles to stimulate points along meridian points- areas of the body that energy flows through. In Tapping, we use our fingers to apply pressure to the meridian points.

Tapping helps you access your body’s energy and can help reduce stress. At Brain FUNdamentals, we teach clients simple tapping techniques that they can add to their tool box of movement tools. Tapping is another way that kids can feel empowered to help themselves!