I’m Here!

One of the difficult things about this job is that people don’t know about the work that I do. When you’re in need of someone to fix your pipes, you look up a plumber. When you need a therapist, you look for a therapist.

But if you need help for your struggling child, you might not find me.

Not that I’m not here, because I am!

I just don’t fit well into a box, and the work that I do-doesn’t fit well into a box.

Here’s the thing though- you don’t actually need to know exactly what it is that I do in order to be open to it.

You don’t need to know all about primitive reflexes and the functions of each.

You don’t need to know Brain Gym® or its components.

All you need to know is that the work I do helps kids, and they have fun while doing it.

It helps struggling kids to access the world in a different way. It helps teens to work through trying times and learn tools that will serve them the rest of their life. In fact- both of those things apply to all my clients- it’s not limited to an age group!

Brain FUNdamentals is often a place where people turn when other avenues have been exhausted. It’s the place where people come and say things like “Why did I not know about this before?”. It’s the place where parents exclaim that “It’s the only thing that has helped!”

I titled this post “I’m Here!” because- I am…

I am here.

I am ready and waiting with open arms.

I’m the someplace else that people don’t always know about.

I will look at your child with a different perspective, and I will tell you things you probably never heard before.

Will you come with an open mind and let me work with you and your child?

I’m here.

I hope you will be too.

*Brain Gym is a registered trademark of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation, dba Breakthroughs International, Santa Barbara, CA, http://www.breakthroughsinternational.org.

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