I started this blog in May of 2020, while working as the Lead Coach and Educator for Brain Fit Academy Inc.

Currently, I am happy to say that I am continuing with this blog (and all the amazing work that I write about!) with just one change- I now operate under my own company- Brain FUNdamentals LLC!

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You Can’t Reason With Fear

You can’t reason with fear. Fear doesn’t care that it appears mean when it throw objects at people. Fear doesn’t know that calling names is disrespectful. Fear doesn’t understand when you tell it that it’s not okay to destroy other people’s belongings. Fear is FEAR! Fear is a primitive, primal reaction in the brain that… Continue reading You Can’t Reason With Fear

I’m Here!

One of the difficult things about this job is that people don’t know about the work that I do. When you’re in need of someone to fix your pipes, you look up a plumber. When you need a therapist, you look for a therapist. But if you need help for your struggling child, you might… Continue reading I’m Here!

Story Time

It’s story time! Once upon a time, there was a teacher named Amy. Amy was a good teacher. She loved working with her second grade classes and she loved helping each of the children grow and succeed in her class. One day, she heard about a program called Brain Gym®. Teachers across her school and… Continue reading Story Time

Cats vs. Pickles

Have you heard of the “Cats vs. Pickles” line of children’s toys? They are one of those trends that has popped up in certain circles of “kid life”. Basically, they are little stuffed animals that are either a “cat” or a “pickle”. The intention of the manufacturer is to get kids to “collect all” and… Continue reading Cats vs. Pickles


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