I started this blog in May of 2020, while working as the Lead Coach and Educator for Brain Fit Academy Inc.

Currently, I am happy to say that I am continuing with this blog (and all the amazing work that I write about!) with just one change- I now operate under my own company- Brain FUNdamentals LLC!

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Life Lessons From a Kitten

We (my family and I) recently adopted a kitten. His name is Dusk and he is now about 11 weeks old- so he’s a pretty tiny kitten. However, Spunky Brewster- as I have lovingly nicknamed him, is as Spunky and as happy as can be. Since adopting him, I’ve been thinking about the lessons in… Continue reading Life Lessons From a Kitten


The notion of “wearing a mask” has taken on a whole new meeting since COVID-19, hasn’t it? I’d like to take us back to the previous meaning. The one where “wearing a mask” meant that we weren’t true to ourselves- weren’t “authentic”. I’ve been thinking a lot about authenticity lately. I’ve been thinking about what… Continue reading Authenticity

Baby Birds

I’ve been watching a nest of baby birds in the burning bush next to my house. At first, it was the momma sitting on her nest, day after day until eventually, the babies arrived. Once in the world, the babies were of course, tiny and fluffy and didn’t look much like baby birds at all.… Continue reading Baby Birds

Hungry Hungry Hippos

When we’re babies, do our caregivers need to ask us to move in certain ways? Do we say to our 4 or 5 month old: “Ok honey, it’s time to practice rolling over. Just move your legs like this, and your shoulders like this….” It seems kind of crazy, right? Of course we don’t need… Continue reading Hungry Hungry Hippos


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