Our unique approach assists in moving children and families through struggles and challenges- and onto happier, more settled times.

One-to-One Movement Education

Brain FUNdamentals provides 1:1 Movement Education in our office located in Westboro, MA. During sessions, clients work on Goal Setting, Primitive Reflex Integration and learning to “notice” how the brain and body system are working together. All the while, experiencing simple movements and learning empowering strategies that can be in their daily lives.

Sessions are fun, educational and purposeful. Positive changes in attention, focus, anxiety, coordination and emotional regulation ensue!

Online Zoom sessions may also be a possibility- ask for more info.


Brain FUNdamentals facilitates interactive workshops for parents, schools and other organizations that work with children and families. The workshops focus on addressing behavioral and learning challenges from a different perspective- by working with the brain & body system as a whole.

Children are better able to reach their peak performance by using the specially designed movements taught during these experiential workshops thereby maximize their learning potential!

Two popular workshops are: “From a State of Stress…to Readi-ness: Using Brain Gym® to Unlock the Door to Learning” and “The Key to Underlying Behavioral and Learning Challenges: Primitive Reflexes.”

Custom workshops are also available and may be online or in-person. We will work with you to design a workshop that best meets your needs. If you’d like more information or would like to discuss a custom workshop, just get in touch!

Adult Courses

Our courses really give you time to delve deep into the material. Experiential and interactive, the courses afford participants the opportunity to move through the learning themselves. It’s like a mini retreat for YOU!

The courses currently being offered are:

Primitive Reflex Integration (Level I) October 22, 2023 (in-person)
Primitive Reflex Integration (Levels II & III) October 23 & November 5, 2023 (in-person)
Primitive Reflex Integration (Level III) Pre-requisite Levels I & II : IN-PERSON ONLY : September 17, 2023 or November 5, 2023
  • Learn, experience and explore how early movement patterns (Primitive Reflexes) affect learning, behavior, focus, attention, emotional regulation and more! This eye-opening workshop is perfect for parents of children who struggle, teachers, therapists and anyone that works with children.
Brain Gym® 104: The 26 Movements December 3-4, 2023 (in-person)
  • Experience the 26 Brain Gym® movements that address the physical skills of learning. Ideal for teachers, parents and other professionals that work with children, participants learn how the specially designed Brain Gym movements can bring about changes in focus, organization, comprehension, coordination, communication, memory and more!
Massachusetts DESE PDP’S are available for teachers participating in adult courses (if you so choose).

Parent Testimonial

We’ve been working with Amy for nearly two years now, and the results in my son have been remarkable. After 9 months, he learned to swim – at age 11 – and his handwriting has improved dramatically, as well as his ability to manage motor planning for all sorts of fine and gross motor skills. I now understand better how to spot issues and which exercises and approaches to use to help bring him into physical and emotional alignment. Amy’s guidance, whether in person or virtually, has been a balm in an otherwise tough stretch of parenting a child with special needs. She’s made a huge difference in giving my son, and me, tools we can use so he has a more meaningful and balanced life. I cannot recommend Amy highly enough to other parents who have a child with various issues who needs support and an individually-designed approach that is flexible and adaptive to the child. Amy’s amazing!
— M.Z. (Parent)

Course Participant testimonial

“…The three days I spent with Amy learning the content, applying the content and working through questions and hypothetical scenarios was a learning experience I would highly recommend.
Amy is extremely knowledgeable in the content of the course and can teach the tenets with ease. However, when she was working with the group, she also made everything accessible to all of the adult learners in the room. She taught a variety of individuals within that one group (parents in fields unrelated to education, adults that were attending for their own needs and others of us in the field of education). Her approach to the course was incredibly practical, adjustable and applicable for everyone in attendance.”
-A.F. (Speech & Language Pathologist)